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July Updates

The rainy season has come! We couldn't go to the swimming pool as planned. The children feel a little bit sad.?

On July 4th, we celebrated the seventh eve with the Japanese department by hanging our origami pieces on the bamboo with our special wishes. We hope that all our wishes come true!

On July 15th, we had the graduation ceremony of all the Blue students. Through the performances, and the singing and dancing, it was clear that these students will miss our kindergarten a lot. But they are also ready for their bright futures. As their teachers, we wish them all the best, and we are so proud of them!

July 16th-17th was our sleepover. The students needed to take care of themselves. They spent a night without mom and dad - only with friends and teachers. All the children could enjoy the fun of being independent.?

On July 17th we start our summer holiday. We'll see everyone for the new term in September!

June Updates

June has come!We had a lot of activities.

June 5th we had the Chinese culture performance. This year our theme was Chinese acrobatics. Two young performers - one young man and one young lady - gave a performance. The kids were so excited to see it! They clapped a lot. The performances also included interactions with students and teachers. We received balloons as gifts.?

On June 11th teachers took the students to the farm to pick vegetables. We had a chance to know how the farmers grow the plants and vegetables. It was great fun!

On June 15th we celebrated Father's Day at school with some fun activities. All the students made origami art with their dads, and we did outdoor games together. Thanks to all the daddies for their hard work!Happy Father's Day!

On June 25th, the Japanese department moms organized the carnival for all the students. It was a great chance for our department to experience the Japanese culture. ?

May Updates

May is the beginning of the summer. It's sunny and we have the best season of the year!


On Mother's Day, we prepared the gifts for our moms by planting succulents in painted pots. OnMay20 -24th was our parents visiting week.?

The parents came to school to visit English, Chinese, Math, Sports, Science, and also had a good time eating lunch with the kids.?

Science of Utsukushigaoka for the blue class is quite challenging. By teaching them more about the natural world around us, every month we'll have a theme. This month the theme is volcanoes. So the teacher introduced the elements for a volcanic eruption. The teacher also introduced the currently existing famous volcano. Finally, we all liked having an experiment to see how a volcano erupts. It was a really fun and interesting subject!

April Updates

It's Spring, and we have all the greens growing and blossoming! Students have had a great time playing on the school yard.?

Our International Department is still very much emphasizing the learning of Chinese. In our Chinese lessons we teach students from the basic pinyin. Then they can start to spell and read on their own.?

On Easter, students enjoyed an outdoor egg hunt.?

Our field trip on April 25th was to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. We saw the wild animals and walked through the rainforest. We had free playtime at the rainbow room. Everyone enjoyed very much!

March Updates

Our art theme for March was Spring. But since it was raining for nearly two months in Shanghai, our impression of Spring is rainy weather.

Exercise and Movement is a very special project in Utsukushigaoka. Students do the gymnastic poses using their bare feet while following the melody of the piano music.

Recently we finally had the warmth of the Spring. We had a great time playing out on the school yard.

After two terms of kindergarten life, our Red and Pink students are growing a lot! They can do morning work by themselves, they have friends all around at school, they are confident and independent. This term we also had parent teacher conferences. We believe our students will try their best during the next term as well.?

Adios! See you in the third term!

February Updates

In February we had our Chinese New Year. We are very busy making lanterns and placing good luck posters on the walls and windows.?

We also had Mameimaki, where we threw the beans to the monsters! Wishing everyone a great 2019!

February 14th was the Valentine's day. All the kids and teachers exchanged candies and chocolates. It was very lucky that we could all get together and know each other in this kindergarten. Wishing everyone a happy Valentine's day!

January Updates

We started our second term in winter. It's super cold! But the students were very happy to be back to school to see their friends and teachers again.

This term, we started a Spanish class with Blue, some Yellow, and some Red students. We let the students get to know the different cultures with different languages. Teacher Osborne is the Spanish teacher of our department, and also the sports teachers. Students now start to greet him by saying, "Hola," "Como estas?" "Gracias," and "Adios." It's not very easy to remember all the words and phrases. But all the students still really enjoyed this class.

January 12 was our school's Mochitsuki Day. All the parents and kids were pounding the rice while yelling, "Jia you! Jia you!" Then some moms helped us to divide the big dough to each family. We sat together eating the mochi with the soybean sauce, seaweed, and red bean paste. It was the celebration of the coming new year!

December Updates

The first December snow of Shanghai fell this month on a Saturday!

Teacher Crista loves Chinese culture, and she is a member of a Taiji class. So we had a special Blue Taiji sports class. They were curious and participated.

We received major, great news. Our school participated in the Chinese poem competition among all the other international schools in Shanghai. Our three performing students all received recognition, especially Celia of the International Department, who received first place for Kindergarten age. Her poem is called, "Small Pond."Her pronunciation in Mandarin is really clear. She also showed a bit of a dancing performance. Teacher Even helped with this performance, and received recognition as the best conducting teacher. Congratulations to the participants!

December 21st was our Christmas party. All the age groups had a singing and dancing performance. We had Santa Claus visiting with lots of gifts. As a very special gift this year, we presented the awards for best moms who always support and cooperate with teachers. Merry Christmas to all! Happy New Year! See you in the second term!?

November Updates

?Winter is almost here! The leaves are falling down. But we don't mind the weather. All the kids have been playing happily outside.

?In November, we focused on our academic classes. We have English, Chinese, Math, Art, Exercise Movement, and Sports classes. All the students are very interested in these subjects.?

?From November 12-16, we had our visiting week. We invited parents to join and watch the classes. Parents could observe their children's growth. It was a good opportunity for the parents to see their children's kindergarten life. Some parents even wanted to join the kindergarten!

October Updates

With the great smell of the Chrysanthemums, the golden October has come!

We joined the Chinese Poem Competition organized by the Chinese Educational Bureau. We even our photography team to video the event. Wishing for our children to have some great results!

October 21st was our annual school sports day. Nearly 200 families participated. Everyone had a great time!

October 31st was our International Department's Halloween party. We had a catwalk show and the kids wore their costumes.?



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