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June Updates

June has come!We had a lot of activities.

June 5th we had the Chinese culture performance. This year our theme was Chinese acrobatics. Two young performers - one young man and one young lady - gave a performance. The kids were so excited to see it! They clapped a lot. The performances also included interactions with students and teachers. We received balloons as gifts.?

On June 11th teachers took the students to the farm to pick vegetables. We had a chance to know how the farmers grow the plants and vegetables. It was great fun!

On June 15th we celebrated Father's Day at school with some fun activities. All the students made origami art with their dads, and we did outdoor games together. Thanks to all the daddies for their hard work!Happy Father's Day!

On June 25th, the Japanese department moms organized the carnival for all the students. It was a great chance for our department to experience the Japanese culture. ?


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